Monday, November 30, 2015

Preparing for Pitch Day

Hi! I've got some news: On December 15, I'll be sharing my idea with the superintendent of the district, and the pitch committee. They will tell me if my idea is reasonable, interesting, and doable. This is a big deal (not to mention 80% of my grade!) and I will need to prepare a video to show them. I will also show them this blog. My presentation should be about 5 minutes long, and it needs to include the outline of my idea. Using an app called Animoto I will create a one-minute long video, and at the end will be my main question: Can I create a jet pack? In six months I'll have the answer.

Pitch Day is only one of the important dates coming up soon. At the end of the year, when my project is completed, I'm going to present the jet pack to another committee. It's going to be a TED talk, basically. The people there and the people who will listen to my Pitch Day presentation will give me positive and negative feedback. Soon, I'll try to include some images of my progress, and maybe the video I'm going to share with the Pitch Day committee.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Step Two

Hello again! So far, I've created two diagrams so that I completely understand the way my backpack rocket will work. I've got an air compressor at home, by the way, to those who were wondering. I'm trying to figure out just how high up the jet pack will go. I don't want to get seriously injured just because I didn't do my research. I'm thinking about putting the jet pack sideways onto a skateboard once it's finished, then crank the valve. That way, I can get a close estimate to how high the jet pack will go in air. Also, a helmet will need to be worn, and maybe other protective gear. This might be a little bit more dangerous then I thought. But no worries, the appropriate safety measures will be taken.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Starting Up

The first step to making this jet pack will be to answer some questions and gather some supplies. I know that for the jet pack, I will need:
          A five-gallon water jug (empty),
          An air compressor,
          A pressure valve with a crank,
          An exhaust bell,
          And finally, a pair of backpack straps.
I started by researching where to get these items. The Home Depot offers empty water jugs for a reasonable price. Walmart has air compressors (but I might already have one at home, I'll have to check), I can take the straps off an old backpack at home, and a pressure valve can be found elsewhere.

Monday, November 2, 2015

The Orgin of the Idea

          I have always wanted to be able to fly, and to be able to feel weightless, and then float to the ground completely unharmed. Doesn't that sound awesome? But in order for this project to work, I'm going to have to make a few tweaks to the original idea. I will still be awesome, no doubt about it. (Maybe plummet toward a large body of water would be more accurate.)
          I got this idea from a book. A Klutz "Where Brilliant Meets Ridiculous" book, actually. To me, though, the idea of launching through the air and then free-falling toward a lake isn't ridiculous. It's awesome! I was reading this book when I happened to come across a certain page that had a certain idea on it. From that moment on, I was hooked. And the best part is, this thing doesn't run on rocket fuel and flames. Instead, compressed air and water are the two items that work this piece of coolness. See, when I try it out, I'll be launched through the air by pressure. When the pressure runs out, I'll fall toward a lake and crash- this is why I'll be wearing a helmet!